The Story

The future of humanity once rested in the hands of Earth's 15th colony ship and ​the ship held Earth's brightest minds and most advanced technologies. Initial readings of the new host planet indicated ideal living conditions, but as they neared its atmosphere, an unsettling realization settles upon the colonists; that life on this planet will be far from what was expected.

450 years later, mankind falls to meet the conditions of its environment, their origins lost to the passing of time. They wonder: w
here did humans come from? What lies beyond this planet? Is Earth real or a myth? 

When a young Oarboy stumbles across a long lost technology from a time before, his discovery will be the salvation or fate of his people's culture, his planet and Earth itself. 

Amazon Reviews

"Excellent storytelling. This story pulls the reader in." 
"Could not put my kindle down. If you like light sci-fi reading, you won't be disappointed." 
"The author is gifted with storytelling. The characters come to life within a descriptive tale with unusual clarity."
"This is not your typical sci-fi. I truly enjoyed every bit of this book and had a difficult time putting it down."
"Please read it, you will not be sorry you did so."

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